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Why go motorhoming?

Stop wherever you want - on the seaside

Motorhomes offer a huge amount of freedom; you can sleep wherever you want without having to worry about booking a Hotel or Bed & Breakfast. You can stop near the beach front, near the park, beside a lake or even at a rest area, on the side of the road. Similarly you can stop for a bite to eat, a read, for a toilet stop, to have a break whenever and wherever you want. Many people when they go on holiday want a car and accommodation, a motorhome is both these things and more. There is no need to thoroughly plan your holiday in detail, simply hop in the motorhome and go wherever you feel. Traveling from place to place is a breeze, there is no need to constantly unpack and repack suitcases in and out of the car every time you move. Pack everything into the fridge, cupboards and wardrobe inside the motorhome – and everything is sorted.

In addition a motorhome cuts costs holiday substantially. Firstly accommodation and transport are combined into one package. And if they are as fuel efficient as Abuzzy’s, traveling is cheap. As a result if you would like to explore several destinations it is often cheaper to drive a motorhome then it is to fly there.

Why choose Abuzzy?

Stop wherever you want - next to a forest

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